Monday, 9 January 2017

Life is in the moment. (Decision)

Life’s in the moment,
.. Make it count.
The memory is the beauty afterwards,
.. Don’t hold back on making a fine one,
.. Enjoy every bit of it.

The blessings are in seconds,
.. Happening to us without recourse.
Open your mind to it,
.. Stop looking around searching in wrong places.

We are treasures buried in the rough,
.. Everything you will become, you already is.
You only need to work it out,
.. Trusting God even as you move ahead in life.

Fear is a sham,
.. What you’re afraid of was first in terror of you.
You must stand your grand,
.. And face your fears.
You are more than the eye meets,
.. There’s more to you than you know.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing,
.. But the honor of kings to search it out.
There has always been treasure inside of you,
.. You only must search and discover what it is and who you are.
That’s how you get into your purpose,
.. What comes afterwards’ honor.

The pressure that presses you isn’t for your destruction, (Life challenges)
.. But meant to open you up, expand and enlarge you.
Pain sometimes brings you into purpose,
.. It is not always the same with everyone.

Comparison mostly leads into jealousy,
.. Envy lurks in the heart of fools.
You must understand how different you are,
.. You’re the original of yourself,
.. And unique in every way and form.  

Your belief system must change,
.. If you must change your life.
Your mind is saturated with dirt,
.. Bad communication corrupt good manners.
What you believe has direct impact on your personality,
.. Hence your results.

Life is in the moment,
.. Everything is inter-related.
Be smart; make the right choice with your life,
.. Your decisions either make or mar you.
Happy new year. – Alale kehinde king.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The voice within.

Hush! Listen to the voice inside,
.. That’s a lead.
It’s gentle and solemn,
.. Follow it with all your heart.

Your guide is from within,
.. Stop looking elsewhere.
Those are just distractions,
.. That shuts down your navigation system within.

There’s always a lead,
..Only if you can follow.
Stop complaining and getting confused,
.. Be patient and settle down.
Calm down,
.. The voice will speak again,
.. And then you can find your way.

.. It’s a mind thing,
.. Stay there. Listen.

Instructions are in place to save you from destruction,
.. Look out for it.
It might seem tasking/ difficult,
.. Yet it’s worth it. Do the instruction.
The risk will be minimal,
.. When you have someone or something to guide you.

Help sometimes doesn’t come,
.. You must call out for it,
.. You must be desperate for it.
Thirst’s something that gets you insatiable concerning your desire,
.. And it delivers into your hands what you want.

Watch over your dream,
.. Be careful who you talk to.
Your dreams should be bigger than you,
.. Look beyond yourself,
.. Develop a great mind to cater to others.

Be careful with what you say,
.. Don’t say everything to everybody.
Have some secrets to yourself,
.. Keep it safe in your bosom,
.. Learn to trust yourself.

Love yourself that much,
.. If you don’t, then you’re not capable of loving others,
.. You can only give what you have.
Take good care of your soul,
.. Feed your spirit.
Be alive to the things of God,
.. There’s nothing more rewarding like it.

Anytime you’re confused or having any issue,
.. Don’t be perplexed or troubled.
There’s always a rock higher than you,
.. Run to it. Remember that.
Always listen for that tiny gentle voice,
.. It will guide you.
Be willing to follow,
.. It definitely will lead you.
Have a great new week.-Alale kehinde king.

Monday, 5 December 2016

The fight for value.

One good man once said;
‘Anything you get without a fight has no value’.
I thought about the statement,
.. There’ truth in it.
In as much as He’s given us all things freely to enjoy,
.. You must understand that,
.. There’s a fight you need to put up for what you want out of life.

Nothing should deter you from accessing your success,
.. Not even the tantrums life throws at you.
Don’t get discouraged,
.. It is all schisms to deter you.

Put a fight up,
.. Not being physical or exchanging blows.
The fight is all about your mind,
.. Make up your mind
.. Never to give up.

Is it a degree?
A career,
.. Or any profession whatsoever.
You still must go through the rigors,
.. And all that it takes.
That’s the price you pay,
.. And that’s simply the value attached to your success.

Whenever life or situation pushes you back from reaching your goal,
.. Give it time. Go back again,
.. Try again.
That wall that’s in front of you,
..It doesn’t have a strong foundation.
Keep hitting on that spot,
.. It will break out.
Breakthrough will come,
.. If you don’t give up.

People hardly get away with bad habit,
.. So why indulge in it.
And remember,
.. There’s always a reward,
Make up your mind to get a good one,
.. By exhibiting the right acts.

Right acts spurge from a right mindset,
.. And it all starts from accessing the right information.
Information is power,
.. It transcends from knowledge. Get it.

Value is a worth or importance of something,
.. Whatever that is of no value is worthless.
That means the fight you put up for your success is worth it,
.. Don’t relent. Never get tired.
The Lord is your strength. –Alale kehinde king.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Certain Constant Things.

Certain things are constant,
.. No matter the heights of recession.
Nothing affects their functions, credibility or results,
.. Even in depression.
One of them is principles,
.. As long as you abide by the rule,
.. You’re bound to get its end result.

You don’t even have to believe or have faith,
.. It does work as long as you’ve played your part.
Principles are the order of things,
.. Rules and modus operandi of how a system works.
If you go by the rules,
.. You’re sure to have the desired result.

Giving is number one on my list of principles that are constant.
When you give,
.. Men give back to you. Simple.
This is one principle that God Himself supports and does,
.. Application of same can only bless us as human.
If you practice this act with understanding always,
.. You won’t have any reason to lack.
Hence the phrase,
.. Givers never lack.  

Sometimes you must wait for it,
.. It doesn’t necessarily have to be immediately you give away something,
.. And then you receive back immediately.
It takes time,
.. But surely it will come to you. That is sure.
Because you gave,
Let the peace and joy of expectation saturates you,
.. The act of goodwill always pays.
It is enough to cause event falling in pleasant places for you,
.. And then you tend towards more.

If you want to have more,
.. There’s a way out,
.. Just give and give and give.
It’s a law that can’t change,
.. A provision that meets every need.

Another one is kindness,
.. It comes from the heart of love.
A simple act of kindness can heal wounds and heart breaks,
..  It mends relationships and even builds new ones.

Kindness is so powerful that,
.. It is the only language that the blind sees and the deaf hears.
Pleasant acts and words,
.. It restores hope and life.
You will be smart not to limit it to our loved ones only,
.. Strangers alike should benefit from our acts of kindness.
That is what makes the world a better place to live,
.. And it starts from you and me.

Certain things will never change,
.. No matter the times and seasons we find ourselves.
Be knowledgeable about these principles,
.. Understand how it works,
.. And be smart to apply them to your lives. – Alale kehinde king.